7 Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Need a Humor Program | A Heart 4 Clowning: Hospital Clowns & Healthcare Family Entertainers


Here are 7 reasons why healthcare facilities need to host an in-house humor program:

1) Humor and laughter make significant contributions to both physical and mental health conditions of all who receive applications of Applied Humor Therapy, by:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Reducing pain, stress and anxiety
  • Creating a more positive perspective and optimistic mood

These are but a few of the benefits associated with generous doses of Applied Humor Therapy to the recipient, with undoubtedly a residual spillover-effect to all observing the spectacle, as well as the therapist. In the truest sense, humor program participants are part of the hosting facility’s Wellness Team.

2) It’s Critical Care: Patients are always the primary focus during visitations. In the healthcare setting, the mission is to do nothing more than cheer the patients through a gentle presence, as a means of taking the patient’s mind off their current health condition or painful situation.

Success is measured if only for just a second, after entering the patient’s room they can forget or not think about their condition, through humorous intervention. They are drawn into the performance, become a part of it, empowered to assist, or even refuse a visit.

3) Lift Spirits: Visitors may be treated to entertainment in the patient’s rooms, or sometimes caught by surprise in the hallways, waiting rooms, elevators and lobby. Depending upon the situation or mood, the visitors may become the center of attention, if the patient is unable, and it seems the visitors need a cheerful interlude.

4) Uplift: Staff often welcomes joy-filled, comedic stress-relieving moments. Entertaining the staff at the nurse’s station and in the hallways as time and schedule allow, can become a much-anticipated adventure.

5) Build a Rep for Caring and Taking a Personal Approach: Great good will is established and excellent community relations are cemented when a program is well-executed and becomes well-known for this ‘work’ that-looks like play.

6) It is NOT Rocket Science to Set Up a Program: It can easily and should be be tailored to the hosting facility’s needs. With willing volunteers, the program cost can be next-to-nothing, with greater returns than any monies ever expended.

7) Add an Element of Joy and Wonder Where It’s Least Expected – Most Needed: As an added perk to a facility’s amenities, available at low-cost for the far-reaching effects on all people who come into contact with the program in action.

7 Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Need a Humor Program | A Heart 4 Clowning: Hospital Clowns & Healthcare Family Entertainers

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