Can Equine Therapy Be Used For Weight Loss?

Can Equine Therapy Be Used For Weight Loss? What’s equine therapy or horse therapy all about? Equine Therapy is a therapy that uses the horse as a therapeutic tool. Equine Therapy works on three different levels: Hypotherapy: Works with people who have neuromotor disorders and going out to get study neurological, traumatic, degenerative or genetic origins Therapeutic riding: This is the area that brings in psychiatry, psychology and pedagogy, as well as the promotion kinesis. Therapeutic riding treats psycho dysfunction, sensomotor and sociomotor problems that have psychological, psychiatric or educational bases. Riding as a sport: People, who are gaining mastery of their body and can control the horse, can start working in this area. Currently there still may be some negative projections on the success and validity of equine therapy. Skeptics may feel “riding a horse is not therapy” or “all animals do is eat, then don’t give therapy”. Projections like these may sound to be based and some more than stigmatic beliefs, but the truth is that not. We have come to a point in our society that accepts many different types of therapy, from art therapy to cloud therapy and everything in between. Studies have proven them to work to different degrees for the individual. Yes there is hope in recent studies and research supporting the use of horses as a therapeutic modality. But it’s a new therapy and no doubt the fact not everyone has access to a majestic stallion or jackass can limit the conceptual process […]