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Companies Bid for FL Medicaid Contracts Eleven insurance companies responded to the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration’s request for bids to participate in a statewide Medicaid managed care program.   The federal government has yet to approve Florida’s request for a waiver for the program. As Health News Florida reported, state lawmakers believe it will be approved, based on a letter from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services. According to analysis from Stifel, five companies bid on all 11 regions: Centene, Coventry, Humana, UnitedHealthcare and Wellcare. Molina and Freedom submitted bids in eight regions, while  AmeriGroup (a subsidiary of WellPoint) bid in seven. The companies are competing for about 3 million current Medicaid enrollees. Each region has at least one company interested; the most competition is for the region that includes Broward County, where 10 companies and three provider-service networks submitted a bid.    Click here: Big Medicaid Gamble Based on Letter | Health News Florida   Judith Evans, Executive Director NAMI Florida, Inc (850) 671-4445 (850) 671-5272 fax  

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