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Dear Leaders, Members and Partners,

Please scroll down to read the message from Tim Heberlien, Political Director, Florida Consumer Action Network.  Tim’s plan is to call 30 legislators in 30 days. The link brings you to a calendar, tickles a reminder and gives you a simple message.  I hope you will consider signing on and making that phone call.  Remember, Medicaid Expansion is not a done deal in Florida.  Many of our Representatives and Senators are still leaning toward a nay vote.

Thank you all

Coalition Members,


I sent something out earlier, but I think it might not have gone out to everyone properly.  So here goes another try!

We are initiating a campaign to contact 30 legislators in 30 days.  We are asking coalition members to take up a day and call into that particular legislator’s Tallahassee office to demand expansion of Medicaid.

How it works:

  1. Go to the FCAN page 30 in 30
  2. Share the page URL far and wide to your membership.
  3. Ask your members to select a day and time that is convenient to them 
  4. Use the SignUp Genius page to take a 10-minute “shift” (the caller can take more or less than 10 minutes)
  5. The caller will be reminded when it is time to make their call to the legislator.

Please share this page with your members.  It is up to us to demand that legislators expand medicaid!

Tim Heberlein

Political Director, Florida Consumer Action Network


C: (813) 532-9846

O: (813) 877-6712

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Judi Evans, Executive Director

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