Florida Mental Health Consumers can rejoice that Reinvestment grant funding restored!

Florida Mental Health Consumer Reinvestment grant funding restored!


As often happens in budget negotiations, funds miraculously appear after being eliminated. During today’s 12:30 conference committee meeting, staff made reference to the grant program and a funding amount but the printed report did not come out until a short time ago so that we could confirm the information.

The line item includes $3 million with $2,250,000 designated for the Public Safety, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Local Matching Grant program. The program has been funded at the full $3 million in previous years so we’ll do some checking to find out how the reduced amount will be allocated. The good news is that the GRANT IS BACK!

The budget has been printed so this amount will not change for the coming 2011-2012 budget year which begins July 1. I’ll share additional details as I receive them.

Thanks again to everyone for your great advocacy work this session!

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