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The Governor released his 2013-2014 budget recommendations of $74.2 billion.  As he did last year,

the governor recommended a $1.25 billion increase to fund K-12 education.  He emphasized his

intent to eliminate barriers while creating new jobs by cutting business taxes.  He also emphasized

his priority to improve education and keep the cost of living in Florida low. 

The Governor’s $1.3 billion mental health funding maintains current levels only.  The $198.7 million

budget recommendation for substance abuse is a maintenance budget as well. His recommendations

for mental health and substance abuse funding include the restoration of non-recurring general revenue

as requested by DCF and all projects funded last year and also requested to be funded by DCF

in their 2013-14 LBR. (See below)

Restoration of General Revenue

                                     Criminal Justice Grant                                                $ 3,000,000

                                     New Horizon Treasure Coast                                      $    500,000

                                     Bay Count FACT Team                                               $    680,000

                                     Bob Janes Triage Center                                             $    250,000

                                     Annualization of Forensic Community Beds              $ 1,589,940

                                                 Apalachee                                                         $    706,640

                                                 MHC                                                                 $    883,300

                                     Bay County FACT Team                                             $    574,354

                                     Pasco Drug Project                                                     $ 1,000,000

                                     Project Warm                                                                $ 1,000,000

                                     Recovery House                                                           $ 1,560,000

Regarding Affordable Health Care the Governor’s budget only addresses funding for all mandatory portions

of the law.  The budget includes $116.1 million new revenue for Medicaid to fund the currently eligible portions

of the law who are not already enrolled.  Similar to other states, his recommendations assumes 30% of this

population will enroll in the first year

There is a $9.1 million cut to county health departments with an assumption that this will be made up by efficiencies. 

Funding is included to increase hospital reimbursement rates by 2%.

The Florida Families First Budget highlights are available HERE.

The Florida Families First Budget FAQ is available HERE.

The Florida Families First Budget prepared remarks by Governor Scott are available HERE.

The full Florida Families First Budget is available HERE.

Judi Evans, Executive Director
NAMI Florida, Inc

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