I’m Blogging About Bloggers Who Blogged Today For Mental Health And the APA Blog Party

First I would like to thank the American Psychological Association hosting another awesome blog party! Getting bloggers in the blogosphere blogging with a focus on recovery and how to reduce discrimination. This event is without a doubt one of my personal highlights of mental health awareness month.

It’s not over yet you still have time to get your blog posts included in the blog party Roundup. Just write a post about stigma and how you feel it can be reduced and how others can be educated by learning more about mental illness. Then TWEET it (@APAHelpCenter & #mhblogday).

I am so amazed of the multitude of bloggers and the high quality of posts that are being written this year. I want to thank each one of you bloggers and advocate… I’ve been reading every post I possibly can get to… Below is a list of the blogs better than posted so far as of 7 PM.

Mental Health Month Blog Party 2012 – Round Up

Today’s APA Blog PARTY posts

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  • Angel says:

    You are so kind! The mental health blog day is always such a great event because of the many people who share their stories, experiences and knowledge. Thank you so much for joining and sharing this list of links.

  • Rhona Finkel says:

    Thanks for this great idea–and for including us–and for putting together all these great posts for my delectation! The more mental health concepts are ‘out there’ in conversation, hopefully (fingers crossed) the better the situation will be for the mentally ill. You’ve done a great service.

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