Mel Gibson in the News – Mug Shot

Mel GibsonWith all the media coverage of Charlie Sheen who is Bi-Winning (#winning) it has overshadowed our other favorite bipolar actor Mel Gibson.  Last night “he was fingerprinted and his mug shot was taken, a requirement of a plea deal that resulted in him being on probation for three years and attending a year of domestic violence counseling.”

Mel’s troubles were reported for all to hear, it may have been the first time that a celebrity was recorded in drunken manic rage!  at the time people were afraid of this rampage.  Shocking as it was, we who live with mental illness know that 90% of what he was saying had nothing to do with who the man really is… When you’re in a manic rage fueled by alcohol you will do and say anything without regard  and with no compassion… In other words you just don’t give a S#iT about what you say, the only thing you’re trying to do is hurt the person that hurt you with your words, threats, and outbursts.  Is this fair to the victim, no not at all! there are consequences to your words and actions, and Mel for sure appreciate that.  Just by showing up at the police station willingly says a lot…

“The 55-year-old Oscar winner was accused of striking his then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (gree-GOR’-yeh-vuh) during a January 2010 fight, but his no contest plea on Friday did not include an admission of guilt.”

Will society as a whole give Mel Gibson for his mental illness rampage… No probably not, there will always be stigma around what he said and what he did, namely because it offended an alienated a race… The ultimate career sinker in Hollywood.

fortunately for Mel, Charlie Sheen has been taking up a lot of the stigma these days and absorbing people in to his own delusion, but that’s content for another post.

AP – This booking photo released on Thursday, March 17, 2011 by the El Segundo, Calif. Police Department shows 

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