NAMI National Education Report: NAMI Florida is #2

I am happy to pass this on – NAMI FLA is ranked in the top 5 for it’s educational programs!  Now this could be for a few different reason.. First due to all the hard work and dedications of all the volunteers… A point that should not be over looked at all is the fact that Florida is in the top 5 worst states for spend for mental health services… We are left to fend for yourself many times and that is where NAMI is picking up the slack and actually helping our peers!  Still this is such a huge need so i encourage you all to get involved with your loval NAMI… Even it it’s just to become a member and get a newsletter.  The more memeber NAMI has the more grants they can get…  Let’s face it, who is more likely to get financial help the guy that says he want to start a support group or an organization that has thousands of members wanting to help other find recovery?  Number do matter!It’s our voice!

I am proud to share the NAMI National Education Report with you.  Florida is #2 in the country for the number of Basics classes held, #5 for Family to Family, 2nd (tied) for Connections groups, and #2 (tied) for the number of P2P classes held.  National is not tracking Provider ED but I know we are either 1st or 2nd.  Considering Florida is 50th in MH funding this is AWESOME! 

 Please make sure your facilitators are getting their reports to Carol.  This data is so very important.  Lynne Saunders called from National this morning and let me know that we are doing a fantastic job with our programs, I thanked her and said but…………..I want Florida to be #1! 

We should be offering our programs in every community throughout Florida.  How can we help make this happen?


Kudos to all of our volunteers and a huge “Good Job” to Carol!



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