Remember to Feed YOUR Brain

There’s great deals of hype surrounding mind physical exercises or supposed “brain training” or “mind training” and while there’s some unscientific evidence to suggest that mental physical exercises can affect a person’s mental acuity, it would certainly show up that this isn’t really the only thing that influences brain function… FOOD!

Brain fitness is definitely important and the food we eat is also just at important to perform function… you know thinking! Humm, a large part in our brains diet is basically a reflection of what you eat.  Yes, I will say it, you are what you eat!.

That way I’m thankful to find site Mommy Edition: it really has support me learn just exactly what food are most effective for the optimal mind function. Many thanks! for the list of great food to eat!

Superfood #1 — “Oily” Fish

Superfood #2 — Tomatoes

Superfood #3 — Blueberries

Superfood #4 — Strawberries

Superfood #5 — Sage

Superfood #6 — Broccoli

Superfood #7 – Pumpkin Seeds

Superfood #8 – Whole Grains

Superfood #9 – Walnuts

Superfood #10 – Caffeine


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