Vitamin D Plays a roll in your Mental Health

In a post by got me thinking about how vitamins can play a part in our mental health…  I know that the sun is good for depression.  I was told by a therapist to try and get 15 minuets of sunlight each day.  By doing this it would help my depression.  When I was reading this article I realized that sun light is a natural source of vitamin D.  That’s when it all started to make connect the dots for me. So, starting this week I think I’m going to buy this product Life D3… It a dropper and not a pill, the last think I was to do personally is add another pill to my daily meds… But, that is me. 

Vitamin D can play a role in Depression

Does Vitamin D Play a Role in Mental Illness such as Depression?  The research says YES! and Our Life D3 can help!

There was a time when you rarely heard someone talking “openly” about Mental Illness such as Depression. It was the secret illness only talked about behind closed doors. Nowadays, it seems like everyone knows someone…either workmates or family members, who have been affected by this illness and/or other Psychiatric Disorders.  All this exposure, has lead to more and more open discussion on a once taboo topic….Which  has lead to more research, new medications, and various treatments available to the mentally ill.

Dr. John M Grohol PsyD reviewed the latest data for 2010. “According to the most recent prevalence data we have (from the NCS-R, Kessler et al 2005, which is based upon 9,282 subjects), the 12 month prevalence rate for any mental disorder or substance disorder is 32.4 percent.”

Low levels of Vitamin D May play a roll in your Mental Health | VP Nutrition to Keep You Feeling Fit

I want to that VP Nutrition for letting me use the photo and quote the part of the post.

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