We did it! Legislature Rejects Big Cuts to Mental Health & Substance Abuse Funding

Dear Friend,

Thanks to you and the more than 3,800 individuals who signed our petition, we helped to convince legislators to reject the proposed $100+ in cuts to mental health and substance abuse services. The final budget includes cuts of $2.1 million, far less than what was anticipated. The Florida Legislature is sending this budget to Governor Scott for approval. In the past, Governor Scott has been a strong supporter of these services.

We had great support from these key legislators who served on the budget conference committees. Please take a few minutes to call the legislators from your district to say “thank you.” They need to know that we appreciate that they stood up for individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

We should also be grateful to the many people who were working on this issue in Tallahassee, including Judge Steven Leifman of Miami, who delivered copies of our petition to the Governor and key legislators, Gail Cordial from Florida Partners in Crisis, Mark Fontaine of the Florida Alcohol and Substance Abuse Association, Bob Sharpe of the Florida Council on Community Mental Health, and the Florida Clubhouse Coalition.

No cuts are good, however, and there is still much more work to do to elevate Florida’s MH/SA system from being one of the worst funded in the nation.

If you would like to keep in touch on these issues and be part of future state advocacy activities at the grassroots level, please reply to this email with your name and city where you live. I’m not sure where this is going, but perhaps we can keep working together to improve services and opportunities for recovery.

Thanks again for your part in this effort!

Amy McClellan, Family Member
President, The Key Clubhouse of South Florida

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