We Feeling A Little Paranoid

(update – Feb 2015 for some unknown reason my image won’t show up any more…it making me Feel A Little Paranoid)

As part of my “symptoms” living with bipolar disorder in the host of other gifts. Paranoia at one time ruled the roost for quite a while. While mild to some degree it definitely did not go unnoticed within my family Circle. Now I say that it wasn’t paranoia but instead just “best practices” when it comes to safety.  Tearing up documents removing my name in the family name and children’s names from different items that were being thrown away or shared with other people. Try to make it a habit to turn off my modem at night so the Wi-Fi was and always working. Then this morning I woke up and I discovered this the FBI has a modem in my neighborhood. Should I click it?

Why is my router picking a up FBI surveillance Wi-Fi in my neighborhood?  It’s a sure way to make anyone feel a little paranoid… Truth be told I looked out my window!  Was I feeling guilty, paranoid or just curious? I believe it was a little of all three!

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